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Call the White House Comments Line 202-456-1111 M-F .

Keep trying until you reach a real person. Ask them to:

"Please tell President Trump I support him and pray for him every day.  He's doing a great job. Thank him for me."

Summer Will Soon Be Here


We hope you can enjoy the highlights of the season here in Wisconsin. We will have a number of exciting events for you to join us for some fellowship and learn more about issues of importance to the conservative movement here in Dane County and nationally. 

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How Can You Help Rebuild America?

Our work has begun to rebuild our Republic under the leadership of President Trump. We must work to restore objective TRUTH to our vocabulary. Our schools must teach children to THINK not indoctrinate them to follow.

By joining the Republican Party of Dane County, you strengthen the Republican Cause, help your fellow Republicans, and learn how you can make a difference. Political parties have a lot to say about political principles, issues, what people emerge as leaders, and what choices your fellow citizens eventually will have before them. Don’t just get frustrated by what is happening in this country. Get involved on the ground level! Join us!

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