You are invited to our annual Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner!

Saturday, March 11, 2017 at the Monona Terrace Convention Center.
A fantastic evening is planned to celebrate the rebirth of the conservative movement
in America today. Featured speakers: State Senators Leah Vukmir and Patrick Testin, 
NAACP President Frank Humphrey, and keynote, Don Griffin, VP, Kayser Auto Group.

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The Trump Era Begins

After this historic victory, our work begins to protect our Republic. We must work to restore objective TRUTH to the vocabulary of young Americans.  

Don't let teachers continue to boldly promote their leftist agenda in schools.  When you encounter such behavior, call your legislator and make your complaint about your tax dollars paying for the lies being taught to your child. And ask them what will they do about it! This is our DUTY.

The greatest lesson of the 2016 election: the mainstream media is owned by the left. Routinely talk with your children and friends about this fact and find truthful news sources.

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