Trump Signs

Have arrived!  You can get them at our office or the Madison Victory Center Office.  You can call there for more information, at 608-358-4545.  Or stop by their office located at 2976 Triverton Pike, Fitchburg.   See their Facebook page HERE


"There is no horizontal stratification of society in this country like the rocks in the earth, that hold one class down below forevermore, and let another come to the surface to stay there forever. Our stratification is like the ocean, where every individual drop is free to move, and where from the sternest depths of the mighty deep any drop may come up to glitter on the highest wave that rolls.”

James A. Garfield


Most Critical Presidential Election in America's History

Is around the corner.  Are you ready to do your part to stop the stampede of the progressives in America?  Will you fight to defend the constitution and our freedoms by helping to elect conservatives to all offices?  

PLEASE join us in restoring in our citizens a love for the noble, the true, and the principles that protect.

Please become a member and become active. Above all, please pray for our nation and our conservative leaders daily. 

Get Involved!

Official membership in the Republican Party is at the county level.  By joining the Republican Party of Dane County you strengthen the Republican Cause, help your fellow Republicans, and learn how you can make a difference. 

Political parties have a lot to say about political principles, issues, what people emerge as leaders, and what choices your fellow citizens eventually will have before them. 

Don’t just get frustrated by what is happening in this country.  Get involved on the ground level! 

Join the Republican Party of Dane County today and help shape the future of our county, state, and nation!

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