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    Of Progressive Carnivores and Cannibals


    American Greatness
    By Victor Davis Hanson| July 14th, 2019

    The Obama-era Democratic Party bears little resemblance to the themes embraced just 11 years ago by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primaries.The parameters of marriage, in Obama’s words “between a man and woman,” has now transmogrified beyond gay civil unions to legal gay marriage to transgendered fixations.

    Obama once protested that he was no king who could open the border and grant amnesties by fiat. Yet his view of immigration has metamorphosed well beyond DACA and Dreamers into Democratic candidates going into Mexico to escort aliens unlawfully into our country, and 500 sanctuary jurisdictions in which federal immigration law is all but null and void. An American citizen convicted of using a fake Social Security Number and phony ID is a felon who is all but unemployable; an illegal alien who commits the same crimes learns quickly that these are not deportable offenses and mostly never prosecuted. READ more HERE


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    Tuesday, August 06, 2019 at 05:30 PM
    Coaches Bar & Restaurant in Cross Plains, WI

    Pints & Politics - August 6

    Join us for our monthly Pints & Politics - speaker to be announced.

    Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 06:00 PM

    Sweet Corn Festival Parade




    Please join our contingent of liberty-loving friends by walking with us in the parade! Show SunPraire that the conservative movement is growing in Dane County!

    If you would like to have your children ride in a wagon that you pull, and hold a flag or balloon, please bring them! If your children like to roller-blade while you walk, that's cool!  

    6pm the parade begins.  Please arrive between 5-5:30 pm

    RSVP to for more info as to the staging area.


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