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Will you help us achieve conservative victories in the November 2018 election? Please email us with your contact information at  We need your help with posting 4 x 8 signs for candidates, posting to social media, and writing letters to the editor for newspapers throughout the state. 


Resources to Share on Our Candidates:

Wisconsin Leads The Way on Welfare Reform (Gov. Walker)

AG Schimel: Human trafficking is happening here & what we're doing about it


David Horowitz is among several interviewed in this 20 minute Youtube.
Learn about the PC movement founders and their strategies to destroy America.

Wisconsin-Eye-logo.png   Watch Free Speech Isn't Free If It's Not Protected

You will make a difference!
By joining the Republican Party of Dane County, you strengthen the Conservative Movement, and learn how you can make a difference in your community and our country. Political parties have a lot to say about political principles, issues, what people emerge as leaders, and what choices your fellow citizens eventually will have before them. Don’t just get frustrated by what is happening in this country. Get involved on the ground level! Join us!

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