Trump Flips Liberals’ Script, Says New Border Policies Will Aid Americans and Mexicans


by Neil Munro, Breitbart News, 25 Jan 2017

The nation’s new pro-American immigration policies will help Mexicans as well as Americans, President Donald Trump told the nation today.

“It is going to be very, very good for Mexico,” he told a cheering audience at the headquarters of the Department of Homeland Security. “Our relationship with Mexico is going to get better and better,” he said Jan. 25, shortly after he signed orders ending a series of pro-migration policies established by President Barack Obama.

Trump’s emphasis on the benefits to both Americans and Mexicans flips the standard script pushed by progressives who argue that Trump’s pro-American policies are motivated by hostility towards foreigners, including Mexicans and Central Americans.

At the DHS, standing beside Gen. John Kelly, the new DHS chief, Trump declared:

The unprecedented surge of illegal migrants from Central America is harming both Mexico and the United States, and I believe these steps … starting right now, will improve the safety in both countries … A nation without a border is not a nation.

The policy of firm borders will be used to increase “economic opportunity on both sides” of the border, Trump said, after describing the northward flow of drugs and criminals.

“I want to emphasize that we will be working in a partnership with our friends in Mexico to improve safety and economic opportunity on both sides of the border,” he said, adding “I have deep admiration or the people of Mexico.”

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Conservative Colorado judge emerges as a top contender to fill Scalia's Supreme Court seat



by David Savage, LA Times, Jan. 24, 2017

Neil Gorsuch, 49, was among 21 potential high court candidates circulated by Trump’s team during the campaign. Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, a highly regarded conservative jurist best known for upholding religious liberty rights in the legal battles over Obamacare, has emerged as a leading contender for President Trump’s first Supreme Court nomination.

Gorsuch, 49, was among 21 potential high court candidates circulated by Trump’s team during the campaign, but his stock has been rising lately as several admirers and supporters have been named to positions in the Trump administration. In Gorsuch, supporters see a jurist who has strong academic credentials, a gift for clear writing and a devotion to deciding cases based on the original meaning of the Constitution and the text of statutes, as did the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Just as importantly, Gorsuch is seen as someone who might be more easily confirmed in the Senate. Unlike other appointees of President George W. Bush, Gorsuch won an easy Senate confirmation on a voice vote in 2006.

"He is very bright, well-respected and quite personable," said John Malcolm, a lawyer at the Heritage Foundation." And there's no question he would not be as contentious as some others." Until recently, the two top contenders for the first Supreme Court nomination by Trump were believed to be Judge William H. Pryor Jr. of Alabama, who serves on the U.S. 11th Circuit Court in Atlanta, and Judge Diane Sykes of Wisconsin, who serves on the U.S. 7th Circuit Court in Chicago. Trump mentioned them in a Republican debate after Scalia died.

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How a liberal Santa Monica high school produced a top Trump advisor and speechwriter


Stephen Miller, senior policy advisor to President-elect Donald Trump, and Sean Spicer, incoming White House press secretary, at Trump Tower in New York. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

by Lisa Mascaro, LA Times, Jan 17, 2017

Too-cool-for-school upper-class students at Santa Monica High scoffed when administrators in 2002 reinstated a daily recitation of the pledge of allegiance. Most students in the liberal enclave slouched in their chairs and chatted over the morning ritual, which was widely viewed as a throwback to an American patriotism that seemed outdated in the multicultural mash-up of L.A.’s Westside.

Not Stephen Miller. Every day, the student body’s best-known and least-liked conservative activist stood at his desk, put his hand over his heart and declared his love of country.That solitary rebellion of conventionalism was an affront to the left-leaning sensitivities of many on the campus, making him a nerd to some, a provocateur to others.

Now Miller’s brand of brash conservatism, fostered during those years at Santa Monica High, is helping to shape the next presidency.  How the People’s Republic of Santa Monica, as the city is sometimes jokingly called, gave rise to the skinny-suited man now at Donald Trump’s side is as much a story about one teen’s intellectual tenacity as it is about the backlash to liberalism at the turn of the millennium.

The culturally sensitive environment at Samohi infuriated and ultimately shaped Miller, 31, now a senior advisor to Trump who is helping to draft this week’s inaugural address and will have a coveted West Wing office.

As he was finding his voice at Santa Monica High, Miller bemoaned the school’s Spanish-language announcements, the colorful festivals of minority cultures, and the decline, as he saw it, of a more traditional version of American education.Yet that robust progressive tradition nurtured Miller’s rise, teaching him how to fight for his beliefs, even if it meant he had to stand alone, in his tennis shorts and polo shirts, as he often did.

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Rand Paul Says Intelligence Leaker Should Go to Jail


Senator Rand Paul said that whoever did the intelligence leak of the fake Russian dossier should go to jail.  In this fine David Knight (InfoWars) interview with trial lawyer Lionel, they delve into the fact that this was a coup.  WATCH the you tube here.

Pray for president elect Trump!

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Donald Trump Completes Final Lap, Electoral College, to White House


Photo above: All 16 electors cast their vote for Donald J. Trump in Atlanta.

NYTimes Dec. 19, 2016  6:15 pm   

The Electoral College has affirmed Donald J. Trump as the nation’s 45th president, pushing him past the 270-vote threshold for election, with scant evidence of the anti-Trump revolt among electors that some of his critics had hoped would occur.

Republican electors in Texas vaulted Mr. Trump past the 270 mark, granting him all but two of their 38 ballots in a ceremony in the State Capitol in Austin.

In the House chamber, where the electors met, the vote was greeted with a standing ovation by citizens and Republican officials who had come to witness the event. Outside, perhaps 100 protesters waved placards and chanted “Save our democracy” in a vain effort to persuade electors to reject the Republican nominee.

Normally a political footnote, the electoral vote acquired an unexpected element of drama this winter after Mr. Trump’s upset of Hillary Clinton, who received 2.86 million more popular votes but won in states that totaled only 232 electoral votes. The states Mr. Trump won held 306 electoral votes. 

His electoral victory spawned a determined effort to block his path to the presidency by grass-roots advocates who saw him as unfit for the White House and by some who saw him as a threat to the political system.

Presidential electors — and particularly Republican electors, who are bound by tradition and often state law to support Mr. Trump — were inundated with phone calls, emails and even threats demanding that they vote for someone else. Leaders of groups that were lobbying the electors had privately believed they had a chance to persuade enough Republican electors to defect, denying him an Electoral College majority and throwing the election to the House of Representatives. But by late Monday, only a handful of electors had broken ranks.  READ the rest here       


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The One Person Taking a Knee at Army-Navy Game


by Benny Johnson, Independent Journal Review,

Much has been made of people kneeling during patriotic moments at football games this year. However, the kneeling going on in the final moments of Army's historic victory over Navy Saturday night in Baltimore was a welcome sight, a least for the Black Knight hopeful.

West Point Chaplain Matthew Pawlikowski could be found on his knees, feet from the field, fiercely praying the Rosary for at least the last ten minutes of the game. In that time, Army took a commanding 21-17 lead — they stopped the ever-dangerous Midshipmen offense in their tracks and clung to the victory.

The spinning silver Rosary never left Pawlikowski's hands as he kissed it and kept his eyes shut tight, even as his team made crucial play after play and the audience roared.

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CIA Agent Admits "No Evidence" for "Fact" of Election Tampering


InfoWars David Knight explores CIA election "conspiracy" theory.  Watch it HERE.

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Wilders Verdict: Free Speech is Not A Dutch value


by Andrew Stuttaford, National Review Online, December 9, 2016

Geert Wilders, the leader of Holland’s Party for Freedom (PVV), has been found guilty of, to quote a CNN report “of inciting discrimination and “insulting a group” after a trial over statements he made about Moroccans.” CNN: Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), was charged after inciting supporters into a chant calling for fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands in 2014.

According to a court statement, Wilders asked his audience: “Do you want more or less Moroccans in this city and in the Netherlands?” The audience repeatedly chanted “less.” The court said that Wilders “singled out an entire group of citizens” and that the message “came through loud and clear.” It convicted him of insulting a group and incitement to discrimination. But the court found insufficient evidence to find him guilty of incitement to hatred. The court, which could have fined Wilders, decided that verdicts were sufficient punishment and imposed no further penalty. READ it HERE

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Geert Wilders Has Something to Say


 by The Editors, National Review Online, Dec. 9, 2016

The Dutch politician Geert Wilders was considered likely to become the country’s next prime minister. On Friday, he was convicted on hate-speech charges — and became slightly more likely to become the president’s next prime minister. Wilders is a longtime fixture in the European circles described in the American press with fear and loathing as “far right.” He and his party wish to reduce immigration, especially the immigration of Muslims from Morocco and the Middle East; they want the Netherlands to maintain its national character, which is secular and liberal, and lament the “Islamization” of their society; he is allied with Marine Le Pen in European affairs but also has worked to distance his Freedom party from what he calls “right-wing extremist and racist” parties, such as the anti-immigrant parties in Germany and Hungary that share some of his views.  READ it HERE.

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‘Dumb News’ Shows Why The Culture Wars Aren’t A Giant Waste Of Time


If you fear losing a job for crossing whatever the bleeding edge of political correctness is at any given moment, these stories are not dumb.

By Warren Henry, Dec. 6, 2016 The Federalist
Following the extended media coverage of a rude crowd booing and otherwise demonstrating against incoming Vice President Mike Pence during a performance of the Broadway musical “Hamilton,” Commentary’s Noah C. Rothman was among those opining that frivolous “dumb news” stories like this are as bad as or worse than “fake news” stories that circulate on the internet. At the risk of offering a “hot take,” I propose that “dumb news” is a lot less trivial than many believe.

Rothman’s column suggests a working definition of “dumb news” as coverage that appeals to the emotions of the audience and do not require much effort to understand:

This kind of entry-level politics is not a new phenomenon, and its victims are bipartisan. Colin Kaepernick, the Black Lives Matter movement, college-age adults devolving into their childlike selves, or pretentious celebrities politicizing otherwise apolitical events; for the right, these and other similar stories masquerade as and suffice for intellectual stimulation and political engagement. The left is similarly plagued by mock controversies. The faces printed on American currency notes, minority representation in film adaptations of comic books, and astrophysicists insensitive enough to announce feats of human engineering while wearing shirts with cartoon depictions of scantily clad women on them. This isn’t politics but, for many, it’s close enough.

Such stories, Rothman argues, merely appeal to tribalism and crowd out more important and complicated news. He was far from alone in these suggestions, if journalists’ Twitter feeds are any indicator.

This Is More than Tribalism
The stories catalogued, however, have more in common than a tribal, emotional component. Another name for “dumb news” might be “dispatches from the latest, nastiest iteration of the culture war.” Virtually all of the stories in this genre revolve around two features of the rising New New Left: identity politics and the impulse to enforce them in a totalitarian manner. READ it here.

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