Trump Speech on National Security - Defense Spending

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Trump to black church: Your wrongs 'will be made right'



By T. BECKET ADAMS • 9/3/16 1:21 PM The Washington Examiner

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Trump Calls for Oath to America

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Gem in Chicago


by Thomas Sowell,

We have gotten so used to seeing college presidents and other academic "leaders" caving in to so many outrageous demands from little gangs of bullying students that it is a long overdue surprise to see a sign that at least one major university has shown some backbone.

Dr. Robert J. Zimmer, president of the University of Chicago, has spoken out in the plainest language against the stifling of opinions that differ from political correctness, on campuses across the country.

"Free speech is at risk at the very institution where it should be assured: the university," Dr. Zimmer said.  READ the rest here.

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Trump's Great Speech -- West Bend, Aug. 18



Take a look at this Youtube. This rally had many highpoints. Please share and help build the Trump Truth momentum.  

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Trump Apologizes in N. Carolina Speech


Terrific speech to share with unbelievers.  He spoke on his positions on immigration, crime, inner city poverty.

Watch it HERE.

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Is the 2016 Election Really Rigged?

by Patrick J. Buchanan, The Imaginative Conservative, Aug. 12, 2016


2016 election“I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged,” Donald Trump told voters in Ohio and Sean Hannity on Fox News. And that hit a nerve. “Dangerous,” “toxic,” came the recoil from the media. Mr. Trump is threatening to “delegitimize” the election results of 2016. Well, if that is what Mr. Trump is trying to do, he has no small point. For consider what 2016 promised and what it appears about to deliver.

This longest of election cycles has rightly been called the Year of the Outsider. It was a year that saw a mighty surge of economic populism and patriotism, a year when a 74-year-old Socialist senator set primaries ablaze with mammoth crowds that dwarfed those of Hillary Clinton. It was the year that a non-politician, Donald Trump, swept Republican primaries in an historic turnout, with his nearest rival an ostracized maverick in his own Republican caucus, Senator Ted Cruz.

More than a dozen Republican rivals, described as the strongest GOP field since 1980, were sent packing. This was the year Americans rose up to pull down the establishment in a peaceful storming of the American Bastille. But if it ends with a Clintonite restoration and a ratification of the same old Beltway policies, would that not suggest there is something fraudulent about American democracy, something rotten in the state?

If 2016 taught us anything, it is that if the establishment’s hegemony is imperiled, it will come together in ferocious solidarity—for the preservation of its perks, privileges and power. All the elements of that establishment — corporate, cultural, political, media — are today issuing an ultimatum to Middle America: Mr. Trump is unacceptable.  READ MORE

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D'Souza: "Majority of Dixiecrats Never Switched"


Larry King interviews D'Souza on his new book/movie Hillary's America. Great youtube HERE!

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Physicist Who Foresees Global Cooling Says Other Scientists Tried to ‘Silence’ Her

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A Pastor Fights Against Government Restrictions on Political Sermons


by Fred Lucas / @FredLucasWH / July 22, 2016 /The Daily Signal of The Heritage Foundation.

Photo above: The Rev. Gus Booth of the Warroad Community Church in Warroad, Minnesota, stands with members of his congregation. (Courtesy of Warroad Community Church)

When the Rev. Gus Booth found out the IRS was dropping its inquiry into Warroad Community Church where he preaches, he was actually disappointed. “We wanted to go to court,” Booth told The Daily Signal in a phone interview. “This is the First Amendment vs. the IRS code. One standard of the law would win.”

The IRS has almost never fully enforced the Johnson Amendment, which the new Republican Party platform calls for getting rid of. The language of the platform is:

Places of worship for the first time in our history have reason to fear the loss of tax-exempt status merely for espousing and practicing traditional religious beliefs that have been held across the world for thousands of years, and for almost four centuries in America. We value the right of America’s religious leaders to preach, and Americans to speak freely, according to their faith. Republicans believe the federal government, specifically the IRS, is constitutionally prohibited from policing or censoring speech based on religious convictions or beliefs, and therefore we urge the repeal of the Johnson Amendment.

Republican nominee Donald Trump echoed the platform’s policy position in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention Thursday night, saying, “An amendment, pushed by Lyndon Johnson, many years ago, threatens religious institutions with a loss of their tax-exempt status if they openly advocate their political views.” READ the REST HERE.

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