American Values

“So let us ask ourselves, “What kind of people do we think we are? And let us answer, “Free people, worthy of freedom and determined not only to remain so but to help others gain their freedom as well.”

Ronald Reagan
1982, Speaking to
the British Parliament

We are law-abiding people who pay our taxes, obey the law and fly the flag. The United States of America is a sovereign nation and we have every right to control our borders. We expect that employers in Dane County will abide by all laws in regard to hiring practices and that they will not employ illegal aliens

 Economic Development

“[The] major impact of [the capital gains tax], as best I can judge, is to impede entrepreneurial activity and capital formation….I [have] argued that the appropriate capital gains tax [is] zero.”

Alan Greenspan, 1997
Real Change, Newt Gingrich
2008 Regnery Publishing Inc.

Create jobs & a healthy business environment, which encourages business growth and expansion without excessive regulation and taxation. Alternative fuel development & use should be encouraged, not mandated.  Experts in land use, not environmental activists, should decide land use issues.  Plans should accommodate the anticipated population growth in Dane County and provide residents with choices in their housing decisions.

 Education Reform

“The poorest and least-educated Americans are most victimized by government monopolies that fail.  We must see these Americans as neighbors in need and organize to help them take on the unionized bureaucracies that help themselves before they help children.”

Newt Gingrich
Real Change
2008 Regnery Publishing Inc.

We request from our school administrators and elected school boards a measurable and accountable return on the money that we invest with them for the education of our children.

 Fiscal Balance

“Experience shows that once government undertakes an activity, it is seldom terminated.  The activity may not live up to expectation but that is more likely to lead to its expansion, to its being granted a larger budget, than to its curtailment or abolition.”

Milton Friedman
Free to Choose, 1980 Harcourt Inc.

Just as we need to balance our personal checkbooks, government must live within it means.  Local Government should do those things that only government should do, and nothing more.  This includes the delivery of clean safe drinking water to our homes and businesses, street maintenance, public safety and rubbish collection.  


“We believe in the twenty-first-century pattern of more choices of higher quality at lower cost, which requires a market-based system where innovation and entrepreneurialism are protected and incentivized.”

Health Values developed by
The Center for Health Transformation
Real Change, Newt Gingrich

 Decrease costs by making insurance available on a pool basis for individuals and businesses.  Greater private sector competition will lead to lower costs.  Encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their own health care is a necessity.

 Public Safety

“The idea of sweating the small stuff as a way of not allowing minor issues to spiral into major disasters brings to mind a quotation from Thomas De Quincey.  “If a man indulges himself in murder,” it ran, “very soon he comes to think little of robbing; and from robbing, he comes next to drinking and Sabbath-breaking, and from that to incivility and procrastination.””

Rudy Giuliani discussing the
‘broken windows’ theory in
Leadership, 2002 Miramax Books

We believe that the residents of Dane County have the right to be protected by well-staffed, well-trained and well-funded law enforcement and fire departments.  The growing crime problem needs to be addressed by our elected officials.  


“All taxes ultimately – the consumer pays the taxes.  Nobody else pays the taxes.  Corporations don’t pay taxes.  They collect them, but they don’t pay them.”

Milton Friedman
Comments to the President’s
Advisory Panel on Federal 
Tax Reform, March 31, 2005 
FairTax: The Truth, Neal Boortz 
2008 Harper

Money earned by the residents of Dane County should be theirs to spend.  The government should not be looking to redistribute wealth through tax policy.  More government, spending more money, is not the answer.  Tax increases have never spurred economic growth.  Tax cuts lead to greater economic prosperity and greater tax revenues.

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