2nd Congressional District (2CD) National Delegate Selection

2CD Caucus, April 9, 8:15 Registration, 8:45 Session, Coliseum Bar, Madison


1. Applications – Applications are taken from members of County Republican Parties within the 2CD (must be members no later than their County Caucus - Member in good standing as of February 19th, 2016 to be eligible for the RPDC Caucus on March 5th, 2016).  The deadline is March 11 for all applications to be received.

2. Affidavits Required – The applicants must sign and have their applications notarized, which includes an affidavit that will be filed with the Republican Party of Wisconsin stating that they will abide by the rules of the RPW Constitution, that they are qualified voter of the State of Wisconsin, and that they are a member in good standing of the Republican Party of their county since at least by the date of their county’s caucus held in this Presidential election year. Note: Delegates are required to vote for the Presidential candidate who won the most votes in the primary in the 2CD during this Presidential Primary and will continue to do so until released by the candidate or until the candidate fails to receive at least 1/3 of the votes cast in the National Convention.

3. Action if There Are More than 20 Applicants – If more that 20 applications are received, the 2CD Executive Committee will be asked to recommend to the District Chair which applicants to accept. The District Chair will accept and recommend those applicants to the Annual District Caucus as well as to the winning Presidential Campaign Committee.

4. First – Nomination by Areas –will compete for nomination by Area. A couple minutes will be allotted for Applicant’s remarks followed by an immediate vote. The winning candidate is nominated and will be submitted to the full Caucus.

5. Second – Selection of Delegates and Alternates from Combined Areas – After nomination of the Candidates, an election will be conducted in each Combine Area to determine who will be the Delegates and who will be the Alternate. Combined Areas 1 & 2, Combined Areas 3 & 4, and Combined Areas 5 & 6 will each conduct one election between the two nominees selected from the Areas. The nominee with the most votes in each Combined Area is the delegate and the other nominee is the alternate.

6. Third – District Caucus Election of National Delegate Slate – The Caucus will receive the slate of delegates and alternates from the Combined Areas and the vote immediately to approve those delegates and alternates. That completes the National Delegate Selection.