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Please note that “Pints & Politics” meetings does not imply endorsement or non-endorsement by restaurant owners, management, or the Republican Party of Dane County (RPDC).  We do appreciate them opening their doors for us.

  • Saturday, August 13, 2022 at 05:00 PM · $65.00 USD
    Madison Concourse Hotel in Madison, WI

    Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner 2022

    Our mainstream media is sadly more concerned with monitoring our churches than holding our political leaders responsible for inflation, crime, and soaring energy prices. Likewise attacks are spun from the liberal narrative against anyone who dares challenge it - like Senator Johnson. This is true across our nation but especially true here in Madison.

    How do we fight back? It starts by winning this November – electing a Republican Governor and sending Senator Johnson back to Washington. Our Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner is the first Saturday after the primary and we’ll be uniting behind our primary winners as we enter the last stage of the campaign.

    Senator Ron Johnson will be joining us and we’ll know his primary opponent finally. Father James Altman is another one of keynote speakers – he is fighting cancel culture after suggestion our faith inform us as voters. We are aslo welcoming back State Senator Julian Bradley as our Master of Ceremonies.

    Help us make this year's Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner the biggest yet. Send a message that Dane County Republicans are ready to fight this fall!